Carlos Correa signs $315 million deal with New York Mets

Free agent Carlos Correa has finally finalized a deal with the New York Mets

the San F Giants and Correa struck a massive 13-year, $350 million deal some time ago

But before this news could be confirmed, it was postponed after three hours

the Mets and Correa have a new $315 million, 12-year deal

Correa, a dominant shortstop who has won the Platinum Glove in 2021

Giants deal fell through when the Giants found out about a problem with his body

Correa's deal with the Giants would have been the fourth largest ever in baseball history

Carlos Correa left the Houston Astros deal last year when he was a free agent

Correa, behind Mike Trout, has signed a $426.5M, 12-year deal with the LA Angels

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