NewJeans launches new song 'Ditto' from album 'OMG'

Stars Park Ji-hu and Choi Hyun-wook also appeared in two music videos for the song Ditto

K-pop girl group NewJeans has released the B-side 'Ditto' of their upcoming album 'OMG'

Newjeans unveil the duo for their new track 'Ditto' on 19 December

The song has been described as a "spin on Baltimore club dance music with old-school drum breaks"

It features lyrics written by Minjee, a core member of NewJeans

'Ditto' is the B-side of the group's upcoming first single from the album titled 'OMG'

The record of two songs is also going to come with the same name on January 2 next year

The music videos for the high school film "Ditto" revolve around a character named Hee So

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