Megan boyfriend Pardison defends Tory Lange amid Tory case

Pardison "Pardy" Fontaine Amid Tory Lange Trial "I Don't Wish It On Anyone

Ex-BF Pardison 'Pardi' Fontaine Shows Support For Singer Tory Lange

Pardee wrote, "If you put past under a magnifying glass, you can go from defendant in a jiffy."

Pardison said, "I pray for protection.. I pray for them to be covered

Megan said , "Everyone in the empire of the music industry has taken a stand.

Megan said, she is more famous and I am becoming bad now while people think she is right

Torry Lange's real name is Daystar Peterson and he is charged with assault with a firearm

also Pardison said,that this should not happen to anyone."

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