RHOP: Fans accuse Mia of being two-faced with Gizelle and Wendy

Fans accuse Mia of behaving differently on new show RHOP, talking to Gizelle and Wendy

Episode of RHOP Cast Documenting Their Goals to Focus Personal and Professional

In this episode of RHOP, Gizelle runs the show based on Mia and Jacqueline's friendship

Mia faced both Karen and Gizelle over sharing her husband Gordon with Jacqueline

Season 7 of the hit Bravo series has been a popular show in this episode

The night's episode of RHOP began with Karen's visit to Gizelle

The ladies quickly got down to business after the live show

Gizelle took the opportunity to talk about Mia and Jacqueline's relationship and said

The same fans criticized Mia on social media as they were treated double faced by Mia

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