TikTok star Noodle the Pug passes away

Jonathan Graziano tall with his pug, Noodle

Tik-Tok star Noodle, who is known to predict sleeping and waking

Jonathan Graziano took to TikTok to announce the news of Noodle's death

It was very sad for me,"Graziano said with tears in his eyes"

Noodle died in my arms, Graziano said, tears welling up in his eyes

Noodle lived 14½ years, about as long as a normal dog can be expected

Noodle conquers the Internet with almost daily videos of a game called "No Bones"

Noodle, who was adopted by Graziano at the age of seven

In late September, Graziano and Noodle took a break from Tik-Tok

Graziano said that we will see a lot of ups and downs

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