Warnock wins Georgia runoff against Walker

Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock defeats Herschel Walker in Georgia runoff election

Democrats were assured a majority in the Senate for the current term of President Joe Biden

Warnock's second runoff victory in as many years, Democrats would have a 51-49 Senate majority

John Fetterman's win in Pennsylvania would gain a seat from the current 50-50 split

Last election, Warnock faced Walker by 37,000 votes out of nearly 4 million votes cast

Warnock and fellow Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff cemented the state's place

GOP's exacerbates  truggles this year, as flawed candidates fit Trump's mold.

About 1.9 million runoff votes were cast by mail and during early voting in Georgia

National Democrats celebrate, with Biden congratulating by phone call

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