why was chuu kicked out of Loona

When Loona first launched to K-pop audiences in 2016, the girl group had 12 members

Star, Butterfly, PPT, Flip That, and 365 are some of Loona's most recognizable songs

many years later, the pop music decided to move forward without one of its original members

The Korean-based girl group's agency, Blackberry Creative, revealed that they were dismissing chuu

Agency cited "verbal abuse" and "power-trip tendencies" according to chuu as reasons they are leaving singer

“After investigation, we came to know the truth. Our agency personnel are apologizing and consoling the affected employees

chuu has yet to respond to the news of Loona being fired from the band

The band said we sincerely apologize for not being able to keep all 12 members together

On October 2, 2016, LOONA made their debut with 12 members, with chuu now fired