Marsha Warfield: Original ‘Night Court’ Couldn’t Feature Roz as Gay

Marsha Warfield: Original ‘Night Court’: Marsha Warfield’s recent return to Night Court featured her character, Roz, engaged to a woman. The 69-year-old actress, who came out in 2017, believes that during the original series run until 1992, exploring Roz’s homosexuality would not have been considered.

In a recent Zoom interview with UPI, Warfield explained, “Roz could not have been gay then. We never even considered such a thing.” Warfield waited until her mother’s passing before coming out, respecting her mother’s wishes. She acknowledged that the television landscape in the ’80s and ’90s might not have been accepting of an openly gay character like Roz.

Marsha Warfield: Original 'Night Court
Marsha Warfield: Original ‘Night Court

Night Court concluded four years before Ellen DeGeneres came out in her own sitcom. Warfield mentioned, “It would’ve been a bold thing. Ask Ellen.” She also admitted that she might not have been comfortable portraying Roz as gay before coming out in real life, as her mother had requested her not to do so while she was alive.

The surprise cameo of Roz in the Season 1 finale led to a two-part episode. Warfield initially had no expectations but found the return to the role of Roz after 30 years natural. She praised the new Night Court writers for capturing her character and making her return seamless.

Warfield also expressed her satisfaction with the addition of the new bailiff, Donna Gurganous (Lacretta), acknowledging her as a Black woman paving her own way with a unique character.

Having taken almost two decades away from Hollywood in the late ’90s, Warfield returned to stand-up in 2015 and considered her career fully back in 2017. She now enjoys regular stand-up tour dates and has resumed acting in TV movies and series. Reflecting on her hiatus as a return to “sanity,” Warfield mentioned that family issues, which she prefers not to disclose for privacy reasons, have been resolved, allowing her to return to her passion.

Balancing acting and stand-up comedy, Warfield shared that she is currently in a good place and content with where her career is heading. Night Court Season 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

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