Model Sara Levitt is breaking barriers by posing with her ostomy bag for Maxim Australia

Sara Levitt, a 29-year-old model from Montreal, Canada, has achieved a significant milestone in body positivity and inclusion. She proudly shared on Instagram that she is the first ostomate to be featured in Maxim Australia.

Model Sara Levitt

In a the caption accompanying a stunning video of herself in an olive green bikini displaying her ostomy bag, Sara expressed overwhelming pride and emotion about this remarkable accomplishment.

Watch Sara Levitt Maxim video with her ostomy bag

An ostomy bag, as Sara explains, allows for the exit of bodily waste through a surgically created stoma into an exterior pouch. In some cases, an internal pouch can be created through surgery.

Sara Levitt has been living with colitis since the age of three, and in 2006, it progressed to Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel disease.

In 2008, she underwent an emergency seven-hour surgery, resulting in the removal of two-thirds of her large intestine and the placement of a colostomy bag.

Sharing the news of her feature in Maxim Australia, Sara Levitt celebrated the moment as breaking barriers and contributing to positive representation.

Her photo in the magazine, where she confidently poses in a bikini, not only showcases her beauty but also challenges stereotypes and promotes acceptance of diverse body experiences.

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