Nicki Minaj has dropped a diss track aimed at Megan Thee Stallion titled ‘Big Foot’ as their feud continues.listen it now

Nicki Minaj is retaliating against Megan Thee Stallion with her track “Roman’s Revenge.” Just three days after Megan, aged 28, dropped her latest single “Hiss”—a bold track taking aim at her critics, rumored to include a reference to Minaj—the 41-year-old “Super Bass” rapper is hitting back with her own diss track.

On Monday, Minaj released the standalone single “Big Foot,” explicitly targeting the H-Town Hottie, following up on her previous release. While Megan’s “Hiss” asserts her dominance over detractors and addresses media mentions, “Big Foot” appears to directly respond to a verse mentioning Megan’s Law, linked to Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty, who is a level two sex offender in New York.

Minaj’s new track channels her alter ego Roman, hurling accusations at Megan and referencing her mother’s passing, as well as the 2020 incident where Tory Lanez allegedly shot her. In the lyrics, Minaj mentions Megan’s late mother and addresses cheating allegations against Megan’s ex-boyfriend, rapper Pardison Fontaine, as well as the shooting incident involving Tory Lanez.

The track also calls out Megan for allegedly lying about the 2020 assault to Gayle King and critiques her rap skills. Minaj hints at a sequel to the diss track in the outro, repeating lines about Megan’s deceased mother.

The feud’s origins between Megan and Minaj remain unclear, despite their past collaboration on “Hot Girl Summer” in 2019. Speculation suggests a fallout after Megan collaborated with Cardi B on “WAP.”

Megan has promoted “Hiss” on social media without specifying its target, while Minaj teased “Big Foot” shortly after the release of “Hiss.” Megan responded subtly to Minaj’s tease by posting a photo of herself laughing on Instagram.

In an interview on The Breakfast Club, Megan suggested that “Hiss” was aimed at anyone seeking attention by mentioning her name. She indicated that whoever feels targeted by the song will react accordingly.

“Hiss” dropped alongside its music video, following Megan’s previous release “Cobra” late last year, marking her first independent release.

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