Powerball winning numbers for December 6, 2023: $437.4 million jackpot

Powerball winning numbers: America’s favorite jackpot game. This is Powerball. Good evening everyone.

Tonight we have another life changing jackpot. It’s worth an estimated $437.4 million. So, get your tickets ready, here comes tonight’s winning numbers. Let’s start things off this evening with the number 56. Right after that, We have the number 2,

congratulations to Dennis Goodman from Kentucky. He won $150,000 playing Powerball.

at the rest of your winning numbers 65, 12. And let’s round it out tonight with the number 37. And winning Powerball number. that’s gonna be 21 and your power play multiplier is 3.

Let’s take another look at the nice winning numbers.

Winning numbers for Monday, December 4th, 2023

  •  The winning numbers are: 56 – 02 – 65 – 12 and 37 
  • The Powerball is: 21
  • The Power Play multiplier digit is: 3X 

We hope you are the grand prize winner!

Remember, there are multiple ways to win. Good luck everyone. We’ll see you back here Saturday night. 

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