NFL:This made it more difficult to secure 😟- Aikman on Lawrence’s injury||

NFL: Troy Aikman and Joe Buck join Scott Van Pelt on SportsCenter to react to the Cincinnati Bengals’ 34-31 overtime win over the Jacksonville Jaguars after Jags’ QB Trevor Lawrence went down went an apparent ankle injury.

Not a credit to Jake Browning and as we go up to Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. Guys, there’s There’s so many layers here and there’s so much and we will get to the Bengals victory because they earned it. But the Lawrence injury is one that doesn’t just impact tonight. Potentially. Gentlemen, we wait to find out the details.

But this could really change the way the entire remainder of the AFC goes. And it’s just. Another in a long line of injuries this year in the NFL. I just wonder your reaction in real time to what you saw. 

Well, it looks to be a serious injury based on his reaction that you pointed out there in the highlight, Scott. But you know the the big win last week against Houston and what that meant to them within the AFC South and a win tonight, what that would have meant being the number one seed is at least where we stand right now. 

This loss throws all of that into a bit of a tailspin and then you combine it with the fact that you. 

Maybe without your franchise quarterback here going forward. I mean, it totally throws up in arms what might happen in the AFC S and how that might shake out within the AFC conference itself. So this was a huge night for Jacksonville and and the loss. And then on top of that, the bigger part of that is whatever the future might. See this year for Trevor Lawrence. 

Jake Browning those shows what can happen right in his second start he he was came in in relief of borough in the game against Baltimore. Started last week you’ve been against Pittsburgh and was just spectacular in this game. 

Joe Troy you’re both raved about him and rightfully so and just to watch the growth and confidence in time I’m standing next to Ryan Clark on the field go and his eyes just get biggie man these guys just playing now you literally could see the confidence growing it was like they they won the game in part because of him not not in spite of him and i think that’s pretty remarkable given where we started this night. 

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