Who Is Romeo Nance, Suspect in Chicago Shooting, Then Shot Self

Romeo Nance, a 23-year-old man, is suspected of killing seven people in two separate homes near Chicago, Illinois. The victims are believed to be family members who were known to Nance. Nance was also suspected of being involved in a separate non-fatal shooting that same day 2. After the discovery of the bodies, a manhunt was launched for Nance.

The FBI joined the search for Nance, and the Joliet Police Department released the suspect’s photo on Monday along with images of a red Toyota Camry he was believed to be driving.

On Monday, January 23, 2024, police began watching an address on West Acres Road in Joliet, Illinois, during what was supposed to be a surveillance stakeout for Nance at his last known address. They were also aware of a link between that home and another on the same block. But when Nance failed to show up, officers entered both homes to find five bodies in one and two bodies in the other. All of the victims had been shot.

Nance was on the run after he was linked to three separate shootings in Joliet, near Chicago, in the past two days. He was believed to have fatally shot himself during a stand-off with cops at a gas station in Texas. The bloody end to the search took place on the forecourt of a Chubby’s gas station, with photos of the cordoned-off scene showing a red Toyota Camry behind the police cordon.

This is a tragic incident that has left many families grieving. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims.

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