React from the Denver booth to the Dolphins’ thrilling victory over the Cowboys.

NFL Miamidolphins: Getting ready to call the Broncos and the Patriots and just watch the Cowboys and the Dolphins finish up. I’m just monitor right here. And man, oh man, so it looks like the team that couldn’t beat anybody on the road. It’s still that team, and the team that couldn’t beat anybody anywhere is no longer that team.

Because the Dolphins just beat the Cowboys And it’s interesting that that checks the box of beating somebody since the Cowboys or the team that beat anyone on the road. But I don’t mean to be, you know, reasonable here. This is the NFL, NFL Media And the Dolphins just pulled off what they need to do, which is win this game, hold off the Buffalo Bills from continuing to rampage their way to the AFC East title, which they can still do, but just hold everyone’s horses.

I keep not only the AFC right there in front of them to get with a win or two and also keep the AFC number one seed right there for the because they’re Baltimore next week and as the Dallas Cowboys, I believe that NFC number one seed bird has flown. Bobby, NFC is obviously still open, but don’t take my word for it. I got my whole thing. Frank, wanna come on your card. Got it. There you go.

The kitchen away from that light. Oh, step over here. We’re doing what you think about you saw. Well, I mean, I think You Beautiful that we wanted to see from these two teams. Dallas go in on the road against the good Miami team and knock them off and show us that hey if they don’t win their division they can win some games on the road. That’s all to the right way all time.

If they’re traveling, can they win on the road? I’ve been able to finish the deal on the road and I think the same thing with Miami is we’re all wondering, OK, you know they’re explosive. We know they’re good at home. We know what they can be. But they have that consistency against a good defense, against a good team and they answer the bell today, fell behind late answer the with that last ride to set it up. Use the clock, run the football, be physical. Think another question you have may be physical against certain teams in the AFC, the Bal Win. Win games of physical fashion. Running down. Go to Dallas Cowboys and then of course it’s the Cowboys mistakes like handing it off to their full back, but only six touches coming in the game, probably to the one yard line.

Bob Miami with the fumble up with their turn, Run down to their own. They got five kills. That was pretty much the difference. It wasn’t. That’s what it comes down to. The teams. You can’t make the mistakes. At critical times. Dallas Cowboys made them. With the whole idea, though, NFC East, we’ll kind of get a buy in the first round of the playoffs.

This is the NFC South champ with the Bucks play today, too. Baker Mayfield played the last couple weeks. They’re getting on A roll at the right time. That’s exactly what you want at the right time. And you know it doesn’t matter. You get into the playoffs, playing at home is a huge deal.

So you’re right. Just chalk it up. Although. That was on the road for free. That’s what turns out to be no easy task. Now the Cowboys go home and take on the Lions, win the NFC North with that win in Minnesota Today, they still have a slight outside shot at the one they gotta root for the Giants Cowboys to keep the NFC East still right there in front of them. And then, you know, obviously you got the right against the 49ers tomorrow night.

That’s who the Dolphins hope is next week before the Bills go visit them in Week 18, However, still got one call, NFL Network Broncos, The Patriots.

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